Marble Portal
Geri Dön

Marble Portal

With guidance service, the Marble Portal conducts its works with the aim of providing promotion of firms in natural stone sector and sub-industry firms in Turkey, sharing the needed supply and demand via the portal, providing its promotion in available and target markets, contributing to the development of natural stone sector by engaging in activities directed to increase export and import volume, sustaining the development of our member firms according to their needs and providing added value to our member firms in Turkish natural stone sector and you, dear valued customers who contact with us via our marble portal and creating awareness (B2B – B2C).


Our portal give guidance service in all fields related with natural stone sector. Our site's language is Turkish and our communication languages are Turkish and English. If you forward your demand to the address of, your demands will be shared with our member firms and you will be contacted as soon as possible.  

Among our services there are not only the goods and services which you can just demand from Turkey. We mediate for main and peripheral services related with the sector like the firms and manufacturers of machine and equipment outside Turkey which are planning to enter the Turkish natural stone market with the mediation of our portal.

We are waiting for you to communicate with us about your demands, memberships, advertisement, wishes and expectations and thanks for the interest you have shown.